Guillaume Roussin - Portfolio
Hey there, I'm a robotics student that codes for fun :D

my work


A website created for a video-game community to showcase the fan-art made and to describe the lore of the game.
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percu kiesse

The landing page for a music association where they can post media and inform people of upcoming events.
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After borrowing a monstrous amount of manga from friends, I needed to keep tabs on what's been borrowed and who it belongs to. So instead of opening a google note like a normal person, I decided to spend 2 months developping this little gem. It ain't completely finished yet so there might be updates in the future.
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[s] finder

This app was made in an attempt to locate some tags around Nantes during my university years. It groups all the known tags in a database with accompanying text found alongside them.

The database server is currently offline, so the app doesn't work
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I developped this app during the Covid-19 lockdowns as a means to learn learn android development. It's a small prototype made to show the area on a map where one can venture with regards to the distance restrictions.
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Instead of pointing towards north, this SUPER COMPASS (TM) points towards a selected location, just as it would in a video-game quest

I'm not too sure why but the app is currently broken ...
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I'm not currently looking to work for others, but I might consider it if you make a compelling proposal.